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"Enough w/the Piss Bag"

I experienced one of the most unbelievable concerts over the past weekend, so I thought it be worthy of a rant.

Watt and The Pliers

I got backstage passes with a friend to get an interview with Mike Watt for a radio show, the bouncers let us in downstairs and it was truly unbelievable to see the real Mike Watt jamming with his friends to warm up six hours before the show. We asked him to get an interview and he invited us to go to dinner with him... he's a disgusting eater. I mean, the cheese in his Greek salad was everywhere. The concert started off with a band from Milwaukee called "Bargain Music." They're pretty sweet and used a kick-ass variety of instruments (harmonica, drums, bass, some metal rod electronic thingy etc), though his keyboarding sucked big time. The sound was a rap/alternative/moderate rock beat, which was cool. Then came out Watt and the Pair of Pliers and they were jamming like there was no tomorrow. Watt got so into it that he broke a string off of his bass... not only that, he did an encore appearance when the crowd got so hyped up and he played requests that we were shouting out from the crowd. Even the whacked audience upstairs who were listening to Limp Bizkit wannabes came down to see what all the hype was about. Well I got the signatures, t-shirts, video of the performance, pictures, handshakes, conversations and a DAT of the interview. Unbelievable.

Now this is the rant:

There's a lot of performers that are nice. Mike was nice and sincere. Yet what separates Mike from the rest is that he's INTELLIGENT- extremely intelligent. That I can really dig.

Well I'm going to bitch to you about what came up in conversation: the streamlining of our pop culture.

As you can see from my MP3 listing, I enjoy music from Bad Religion to Madonna's Evita to Everclear. And do you know how many people laugh at me because of that? Too many. Well you all can kiss my ass. We have all converged into one mode of thinking; we only see what others want us to see. You're confined into enjoying the same thing... people are supposed to be different.

I'm not asking that you listen to music that sucks or just doing weird things simply to be different... just stand on your own fucking feet for once.

It was a good four years ago when I wore my lucky fisherman hat. I wore it because I wanted to wear it even though everyone thought it was a big joke. How many son of a mother's have worn them in the past year? Hmm... they're all jokes.

I had a short discussion with a good friend about our senior T-shirt day. All seniors are supposed to pay 20 bucks for a T-shirt that says "Seniors- we rule!" or something just as unoriginal. It appears that "everybody" is going to buy one... I'm not. Why? First of all it's ugly. Damned ugly. Second of all, I'm not paying 20 bucks so I can compromise my beliefs. It peeved me off that my good friend of all people couldn't understand why I was being supposedly "stupid".

People also wonder why I treat a handful of the hottest chicks at my school as if they weren't important. It appears nobody understands anything. If she treated me like dirt before, it matters. Yes, I hold grudges. I don't care if she has the tightest body in the world, she's still nasty. I don't treat her like a queen just so I can score a few points. I don't attempt to make casual conversation with her just so I can impress people who walk by. Bitches should be treated like bitches and that's the end of the story.

We hate Bill Gates even though he built up the modern world of computers as we know it. Why? Because there's an anti-Bill Gates trend that's spread. We think Leonardo Di Caprio is a stud. Why? Titanic and the Hollywood glamour corrupt stupid chicks (Admit it, if you saw him at school, you'd think he was a skinny pale fag). We refuse to vote for a third party. Why? Because the media only talks about Bush and Dole (Why the hell they didn't extend the debate to Bucchanan, I have no idea...)

Morons. Complete. Utterly. Stupid. Morons.
Now go home and watch MTV.

It's a little too pathetic.