Sit Down. Shut Up.

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I'm Busy...

... for eternity.

Oh yes. There's another thing that's wrong with the whole dating scene.

Girls can't handle the truth. How many times have we heard it before? "I'm washing my hair." "The toast is burning." "Hell hasn't frozen over yet."

Yes, yes. I'm talking about the good old-fashioned American woman put-downs. Does anyone out there talk the truth anymore? Really. Does anybody?

Guys have it bad. They're the ones who have to ask the girl out on a date because it's expected. Of course, we can't break tradition here. Tough luck guys. If you want to take that bold step forward in asking out a girl knowing full well that it'll make you look like more of an ass than she'll ever know, there's no way out.

But rejection really sucks. It's not the fact that you get rejected which sucks... it's not KNOWING you've been rejected or not. Ladies, come on... think about it. If the guy has dragged enough balls in front of you to ask you out on a date, the least you can do is to tell him the simple truth. Not one of those, "I'm busy" run of the mill lines. And don't make excuses that you "don't want to hurt his feelings." Bullshit. It's because you don't have an equal amount of guts to pay the same respect back to the guy.

So don't complain when a guy constantly puts you on the spot and asks you out over and over again and then you go gossip to your friends about your stalker. Truly, whose fault is it anyway? It's the stupid ass who keeps dishing out mixed signals. We're guys. We have the testosterone of a bull and our minds think of sex every two seconds. We can handle the truth. We don't even expect you to give us reasons unless we ask.

Ladies, if you don't agree... next time ask the guy out. And I hope that he tells you, "Maybe next time."

So stop being a sissy and tell me off.