Sit Down. Shut Up.

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Normal People... Ugh.

I guess it's not their faults...


Before reading this rant, please keep in mind this quote:

Their simple minds just cannot seem to understand
You are neurotic and depressed
It doesn't mean that you're sad

Tell me why you want to be blind
I don't want to be normal like you
I know now every day
I get closer to the place inside
Where I can be normal too
- Everclear

You're probably asking why I want to weed out all of the normal people out of my page. Let me begin.

They just don't do it for me. Seriously, normal people are just too normal, too predictable. They say the same damn thing that every other person has said and will pull the same stupid stunt to get attention. What happened to creativity? What happened to diversity?

I know you think that this is such a mean, close-minded rant. I mean, nobody short of a jerk would dare to say such things. Right? Fine then. I'm a jerk. And chances are is that you are one of those normal people. Someone will give me that argument that everyone is special in his or her own little ways. Sure, maybe we're all a little different, but is that enough?

Seriously... how interesting can that last? We live in a society with short attention spans. Anything in the media will die if it isn't brief and interesting. We have news that reports both Middle East wars and the results of Tom Green's testicular surgery in less than a minute. Anything longer and repetitive is BORING.

The same is with me. If you're normal, that's alright. I can still stand you. But it's just a case of you being another cut and dry story. You've lived all of your life in a sheltered suburban neighborhood, went to school, got your license when you were eighteen and pays your taxes like the proper citizen.

Why do we all want to be "average"? I like people who are gay, have been subjected to weekend nights of acid and are currently deciding whether or not to steal the mailbox that belongs to the neighborhood mailman. Now that's exciting. That's a person who has stories to tell, has a memory that's been places, has seen and experienced things no normal person could ever offer you. I like people who have their minds opened, who have decided to go against the grain of society for just once in their life.

Normal people are just replicas of millions of other mass produced people.

Out with the old. In with the new.