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My Promise

What a concept.

Today is 10/22/00 and I think I started my site about one month ago. But I've decided to create a little introduction to this ditty.

At the end of August I created a site since a few of my friends had some really retarded ones. And I also thought I could make an even worse one. Coincidentally, I've been having a really shitty time with relationships... I was just bitching to my friends online, that's all.

And then random people started to send me hate mail.
And then random people started to send me happy mail.

And then I noticed that a lot of people are taking precious time out of their day to respond to this crap. I realized how irresponsible, irrational and sex oriented the world is, so it does make sense after all.

And then I saw some guy on some TV thing, which I forgot, but it gave me an idea.

*If a site doesn't make you happy and laugh or make you pissed off and convulse, then it's a shit site.*

Mine does both at the same time.

So bring on more hate mail. And bring on more happy mail.

As long as I'm bringing about mood swings across the world,
I'm going to continue to bitch.

From the staff of SuperGrover's House of Crap Co. and the neurotic man himself,

CEO and head honcho of the Crap division

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