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The Critics

Dear SuperGrover...

Here's some of the things you've said about my site. These are fragments of emails. Yes, I edited your grammar -someone's got to do it.

I ONLY put up cool comments. If you've a hate comment, at least make it original. I also respond to all emails even when they're really stupid.

Yes, I'm willing to trade links on two conditions:
1) You return the favor of linking my site.
2) You're site is worthy.

"Your site's funny." ~B
(I know. My life's a joke.)

"If inches were worth money, you'd be in the poor house you dickless shit." ~Gngster1

"Very nice... if there is a place where I was male and a lot more demented and pissed off, my page would probably look a lot like yours!" ~Christina

"I like what you say. For some reason, I don't like you." ~Chariot of Fire

"First things first.. since we both have rant sites, I wanna share my opinion on some of the stuff you've wrote, coming from a non-beautiful non-normal chick's view :)" ~Melissa
(Ok, so it isn't a critique. But for some reason, her description is unbelievably sexy.)

Link =>

Visit MeLo Online!

"I bet your a quadraplegic who can't wank off so you've got to hate the world" ~Anonymous
(Actually I don't hate the world. Just people like you.)

"Ah you stinky bastard! Just pick up some senioritas for a twenty piece a peso."
~Mr. Loads

"I've a boyfriend... but I've a sister who's 19." ~Julia
(Really! Now we're talking!)

"I've heard Hell is hot. Go ahead and rot." ~Fuck Yourself

"Believe it or not your homepage is real inspiring. It shows us girls maybe a different side of things. so maybe we shouldn't be so (to put it as you did)'stupid.' But.. though my thoughts do contradict many of yours, I think your page opens the mind of the close-minded, and widens the mind of the open-minded." ~Brenna

"If I didn't live so far away, I'd fuck you right now." ~Sweet Sugar

" I've been reading your site and you are right -- your site is a lot different. Yours sucks, mine doesn't." ~Christa

"Pot rules. Long live pot. Nothing's better than a big fucking weefer." ~Dave

"Hi, hello, my name is Victoria im 16 and thanks to you I have a new perspective on things." ~ Victoria
(Wow. I'm actually making a difference.)

"You could always turn bisexual because guys like us are screwed." ~Dago

"Well, good lick with the ladys!" ~Savannah
(Hmm... was that supposed to be a pun?)

"I didn't really find your site offensive.. it was more like a statement... as if you were trying to communicate something to yourself rather than to other people... was rather humorous actually." ~Black Rose

"I checked out your site and I love it...its the kinda site that I was about to do..." ~Leme Loo

Link =>

Yes, Lemeloo is a site worth visiting.

"You strike me as someone who is sexually frustrated. However, I must commend you for your high level of morals which are indeed hard to come across these days." ~Stace
(translation: I am a virgin freak.)

And they all lived happily ever after. The End.