Sit Down. Shut Up.

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The Dark Side

Let's be "Frank" about the matter.

A friend told me this:

New people are always the best... and the nicest. Because they're new, they don't want to start any shit so they're very reserved and just keep to themselves.


Now isn't that the truth. It's takes my genius friend to realize that all of the nice kids are cool. And, well you'd think that if everybody had the chance to be the new kid, we'd all have the potential to be nice people. As I agree with the statement, I only wished this was what everybody thought.

I'm the new kid at my school. And I truly wish I could write down the name of this rich snob hell hole of a school and its location to where you can forward all of your homemade pipe bombs... But alas, I know about the case of a kid who wrote on his web site how he'd like to shoot his teacher and now the big suck ass of a teacher has a lawsuit against him.


Let's just say my school's name is sort of like the word: HANGOVER... except delete a letter and replace a letter with another. Gosh, I only wish this school was a hangover... on arsenic.

I went from being one of the more popular kids at my old school, to the complete wallflower at Hangover. I'm the same person. I was "Popular Person", "Jayce the Ace", and "Jigalo Jay." The same fuck up son of a dysfunctional family. And well gee, I just don't seem to get along with this place.

The point is, DON'T mess with the new kids. It'll probably be in your best interest to make friends with the kid. Sure it's easy to tease them and push them around and get into their faces. But you forgot one thing: You've got your blood, friends and respect. They've got nothing to lose.

This past school year, there's been a complete asshole that I've encountered and I'm starting to get fed up. I know that there are many assholes at this school; it's funny how I seem to lose track of them. But if you're going to be an asshole, just be one to everybody... because when it gets personal, that's when people like me get pissed off.

I feel that I'm on the end of my rope. I truly am I nice guy to literally everyone. But I do have my limits. To the many friends I have, I promise to embrace them with sincerity, kindness and with respect. All of them can testify to that. But to the others...

Sit down and shut up before I fuck you over.