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Women vs Men



Of all things that don't mix.

Let's get one thing straight... and I should have done this a lot earlier. I DO NOT HATE WOMEN. I feel that they're an extremely confusing species in need of some guy to tell them that something is definitely wrong with their image. It's illogical.

I would rant on about men, but that's too easy. Everybody knows what's wrong with men, because they're the main targets of fifty different hate groups. You don't hear much about "Fathers Against Drunk Driving" or "Husband Abuse Hotline." No. All of the organizations are pro feminism because men are jerks.

Yet at least these jerks do have some good points.

For instance, here's where a guy is totally in line with his thinking. When a man hates another guy, he shows it. They'll confront each other without playing any reindeer games. They'll yell, mad dog, and beat each other till they both become vegetables. We are direct and honest about our hate.

But women... they're a different story. They won't go up to each other and smack each other around. Oh no! It has to be much more complicated! They can't be direct because, where's the fun in that? No. They have to backstab you and smear your name across the country. They have to sleep with your husband and steal your clothes. Yet they'll smile when they pass each other, go to each other's parties and act like nothing's wrong.

Hello? Is it just me, or is this the perfect example of why women are crazy?

When women walk into the room, can you guess the first thing she scopes out? Not the men. The women. Women hate each other and that's a fact that everybody can attest to. You are all jealous with what some other chick, who you've never met, is wearing. You will bitch about how that chick is strutting her stuff because deep down inside you know she's competition. Is it really that important?

Guys have pals and that's the end of the story. We don't play games with each other. We go to strip clubs, pull back a few Heinekens and that's that. Then we go back to our wives who are currently fighting among each other over whether Richard Gere is to old to be a stud.

I can remember so vividly when I had a girlfriend and I was supposed to go over to her house, even though my friends really wanted me to join them. One of them asked me, "So are you choosing your hoes over your bros?" And what did do? I chose my girlfriend... and now I realized why that was such an ass of a mistake.

My crew is still hanging with me, and I don't know which guy my ex is playing with now.

And you call men unfaithful???