Sit Down. Shut Up.

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I'm... I'm... speechless.

I can barely believe it. I got this e-mail today, which totally blew my mind away.

*** She wrote: Yes, girls suck but I try not to suck. The disadvantages of being a guy: having to ask girls out, paying for everything, not knowing if the person you're dating is a feminist or what, having to be macho, having to GUESS what the girl's thinking, enduring all the moody PMS phases every month, having to deal with PMS overall, getting yelled at or being accused if you don't call her...things like that.***

Now that's just poetic people. Just simply, wonderfully poetic. This is not just your ordinary chick. This is what I call a SuperChick. And I must say, not only does this girl have her head on straight, but she is really cool in person too.

It's so cute it's sickening.

0And I must say that I've noticed that there are many girls who deny these obvious facts. Seriously. I can't recall all of the chicks I've run into who refuse to acknowledge what centuries have passed down from generation to generation since the dawn of the erotic-designed loincloth. And, gosh darn it, it's so peculiar that all of these women who refuse these facts are girls who have been dateless all of their lives (not that I condemn that choice). But come on... there's no logic in that.

Must I say it again?

Dear chicks-in-denial: Sit Down and... yeah, you know the rest...