Sit Down. Shut Up.

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The Case Part II

The adventure continues...

Here's the scenario: Mrs. Chick said absolutely nothing to me yesterday, and it sure seemed like the trend would've continued today. She didn't get as many phone numbers, but the stares and ogling men kept coming. As for me, yesterday I was finding myself checking her out. Today, I was totally immune to her. The pissy attitude totally killed my sex drive for her. How sad. I figure she could have great potential as a perfect person.

Well, she gave me nothing but unfriendly stares the whole day. What did I do? That's not the reaction I got from anybody else. So I went up to her man to woman and asked her what's wrong. Here's the dialogue:

"Nothing's wrong."
"What do you mean nothing's wrong? Do you have a problem?"
"I told you nothing's wrong and why do you have to get all into my face?"
"Sorry... just making conversation..."
"Go help those customers behind you."

That's something everyone needs.

Either she didn't have enough balls or she enjoys playing those mind games because I seriously got no real response. What the hell is wrong with her? Obviously something was pissing her off. As far as I'm concerned she could've at least confronted me with the truth. (Women vs. Men) It was obvious that she could be friendly with me just like how she is with others.

I was amusing the volunteers by allowing them to choose random customers and dare me to try the most cheesiest pick up lines with these chicks. That got very amusing. Maybe it was that. Or maybe it was because she saw me talking about raves with this old man. Or maybe it was because she got acquainted with me more. Whatever the reason...

Anyway, everybody wanted me to stick around for another shift, because it wouldn't be as much fun unless someone else decided to sell their respect for a few cheap laughs.

Then Mrs. Chick dares to say, "Yes. Don't go. Come on, you can stay with us a little longer, we could hang out until midnight... yadda yadda yadda."

How the hell am I supposed to interpret that? Was she sincere? Or was it a crock of shit that she was trained to say? So I decided I would do what I planned to do, even if it did make me sound like an ass. I decided to treat her like the little bitch that she is. I said sarcastically, "Oh, I know you'll miss me so-o much, but try not to cry. I'm sure that policeman right there will want to cheer you up."

But thank the heavens that the rest of the crowd just laughed since they were already in a cheerful mood. If I got a silent reaction, I might've actually felt bad.

But I didn't. So screw it. And Mrs. Chick