Sit Down. Shut Up.

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Bitter-Sweet Losers

Ah... the virtues of bitching.

SuperGrover's note: *Through popular request/demand, here's a rant dedicated to all of my sweet female fans. And not to the ones who like to pretend they are.*

Good chicks finish last. And boy do you all know it.

Good chicks are a dying species. And it's a sad truth. As generations go on, future scientists will chip away at the earth's mantle, interpreting layers of history templated in rocks, and examining the skeletal structure of their dead ancestors: The Chickana Perfectus.

The perfectly sweetest chicks are against all odds.

Now that's a real chick!

What's the worse is that you need emotional attachment. He can be stupid. He can be average looking. But he has to have that deep intense emotional aspect in him. It's the quality where he actually cares about what you say, constantly thinks about you and doesn't want to get you in the sack within a week. He's the guy who isn't scared if you have emotional baggage yet can understand and act on it. Now this just happens to be the quality that can't be taught or found very easily.

So how do you go around finding this in a guy? That's the point. You can't. Generally when you want a real relationship, you enter it with only high hopes, because he's too dumb or too ugly. Then you'll probably find out he's an ugly retard. That's like playing roulette, mind you, roulette is the most stupid gambling game around.

I can say that the truly sweet chicks aren't beautiful. If you happen to be a hot sweet chick who can't find a right guy, you're obviously doing something drastically wrong because you can choose which guy you want stupid (That's why beautiful people suck, not only are they popular, but their popularity allows them to be asses and get away with it).

The problem lies with the fact that guys are super-visually oriented. Even for me, I can't totally disregard the looks of a chick even if she's the best thing alive. And I consider myself ten times more concerned with the inner self than other guys. So that means good chicks aren't being noticed by most guys. Thus, they don't have many guys asking them on dates let alone flirting with them.

Sucks to be you.

Let me guess about sweet chicks. You're always considered the girl-FRIEND type. You're always that girl next door. You look at beautiful popular sluts getting the attention. You watch those truly amazing guys being sucked into a pretty face. And it pisses you off. It pisses you off big time.

There's a girl at school who is very pretty and from how I've seen her at school I'd think that she's a pretty cool chick. Not that smart, but cool. She complains that she can't get a boyfriend. I'm sorry, but she should sit down and shut the hell up. She could get any guy she wants, and she's complaining that she can't find a good guy. The problem is that she's disregarding all of the average looking guys. I wanted to tell her that there were far more sweeter chicks out there not even getting the chances she takes for granted and that they'd settle for a normal looking guy any day. You call that justice? Hell no. The deserving chicks are being cut off from the pack.

I doubt it'll make a difference, but I'm telling you that at least I'm thinking about all of the sweetest chicks and appreciate their unseen beauty.

Kiss me now beautiful!