Sit Down. Shut Up.

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PC Thumpers

The true dumbfucks of America.

Oh-ohh say can you seeeeee...

It's quite evident my stance on political correctness. And to all of those who firmly devote their lives to upholding this viewpoint, boy are you one stupid fuck.

Ok, that was really harsh. It's just a subject that means a lot to me (even more so than the chick problems). I'm just really pissed off.

Never have I nor ever am I going to be able to speak fully what's on my mind in public. When I see ugly people, I can't express my belief that they are ugly. Do you know why? Because these "PC Thumpers" would chop of my limbs and ship me off to a remote island. They'd be screaming that I should look towards the inside, that I actually have low self-esteem and that I should be more open minded. It doesn't matter if the 4' 1'' guy weighs 500 pounds, has no hair, has a face replaced by pimples, has pulsating varicose veins and is sweating like monkey on crack. And despite the fact that no beauty magazine would dare put his face within their pages, or that 30 billion other people in this world share the same belief deep down inside, I can't state that he's nasty.

Listen. I don't care if it sounds mean. If he's ugly, that's a fact. I like to speak the truth.

Or fat people. Geez... now I'm not talking about chubby, or even 50 pounds overweight. I'm talking about really really big people... and now I can't call them fat. What the hell? I mean, the evidence is right before your eyes! When did being fat all of a sudden become taboo? The fact that fat people hate being called fat just goes to show that IT'S THEM who makes the word sound terrible.

And yes, I have the balls to talk about the race issue. NOBODY likes talking about racism, because it's the fucking hate crime of the century. The politically correct people have banned all criticism about the race issue.

There's so many racist names, but I live in the United States, so there's one word that comes to mind. Nigger. Yes, I said it. Is it not a word? Is it not a well-known word?

I can't figure out if nigger means anything anymore. Black people call other black people niggers and there's no fight. But when a white dude walks in saying "what up my nigger?" he gets his ass beat. And then there's black people who want to get rid of the word "niggardly" from vocabulary use. It means being CHEAP. Not BLACK. Do you really think the guy who came up with this word decided to make it a black joke???

Why is there a huge issue about racist nicknames? Orientals hate being called chinks but will call an Italian a wop. Vice versa. Same goes with every fucking ethnic group out there. As far as logic goes, everybody should be content having a name if they label rest of the world.

And neither do I have anything against gays. In fact, I prefer gays out of all the targeted groups because they haven't been accepted into the world of political correctness. Gay remarks are the most widely used of all other niches. Sometimes I say it without thinking. But good for the gays. Don't fucking change. Most mature (age wise) gays are very open to their sexuality. They're more independent and open-minded because they don't give a shit about political correctness. They've overcome the obstacle.

We live in a society which one of the most valued virtues is the freedom of speech and press.

Oh-ohh say can you seeeeee...

These are just fucking words.
These are just fucking words!
These are just fucking words!!
These are just fucking words!!!
These are just fucking words!!!!

Yes, words are powerful, but when did wars break out from words? None. People may bicker and get pissed off, but no major disastrous war came from words. People aren't going to put their lives on the line for a few adjectives and nouns.

Those who hear the words interpret the meaning. They are the one who decide how they'll react to it. That means all these PC pricks actually have the final say. If they're offended, tough shit. It's their own doing.

I couldn't deliver my eighth grade speech because I said the word pedophile. I was talking about weirdoes who hang around bathrooms. I wasn't allowed to say things like that. I'm sorry, but when did the presence of pedophiles become erased from history?

The point is that political correctness is a cloaked villain attacking on our rights and freedoms. These days I have to watch what I say. I can't tell the person who just lit his own hand on fire that he was a moron for doing it... I might hurt his feelings. Boo hoo. Go cry about it in the corner dumb dip shit. If you want to mold our country into a place where no bad things exist, I'll give you some words of advice:

Fuck off.

Now you think about those two words, and how you'll react to them. If your going to get offended then close you eyes, stick your fingers in your ears and go "La la la..." like the big two year old wimp that you are.

Words are bullshit. At least I can take it like a man.