Sit Down. Shut Up.

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We Like'em Dumb

Honey, of course I respect you...

I'm once again pissed off. Sluts are so two faced.

Here's the picture. There's one of the most hottest chicks who was complaining that she's tired of guys pinching her ass. I was actually laughing inside. Come on, that's just funny...

I'm sorry, but she's asking to get her butt pinched. What do you get with a sexy chick in tight clothing and knowing that she's as stupid as they come? You get a chick that guys want to take advantage of.

What a crappy restaurant.

And don't act like she didn't know that wearing only a wet nap and an elastic band in public wasn't going to be provocative. Even her little mind can figure that one out. The point is, don't wear tight clothing if you don't want men to drool. If you have the right to dress like a slut, suffer the consequences. I mean, you don't wear that to make you feel pretty; you get that feeling from the attraction that comes with the clothing.

What school of logic did these people attend?

Chicks like her complain that they're treated only as sex objects. Let me see why... if I ever managed to go on a date with one of these annoying chicks, do you think I'm attracted to her nice personality or her intellect? The only reason why'd I'd even bother with such a crap ass relationship would only be for sex. With such a nasty personality and no brains, she still can't conceive of why the only people she is aquainted with are low life bastards.

Wet naps are so sexy... (what was I thinking?)