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Oh, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

I agree.

Calvin and Hobbes rule!

Yes, I agree with many of you. There's too much hate on my page. And just to show you that I am a human being...

Here's a few UNUSUAL things that I appreciate:

* The way six packs of bottled sodas have those convienent perforated strips not only to make life easier, but also to protect marine life.

* The way waiters and waitresses talk to you, even if they only want a tip.

* The way some girls can put on any piece of clothing and still manage to look really good.

* Driving slowly in a backed up traffic jam with construction workers alongside, pounding away at the cement with industrial jackhammers while I, alone in my car, can only watch the silent actions of daily life beyond the windshield while the sounds of Bach flow from my speakers to caress my inner soul.

* The way I can say stupidly insane radical opinions on my webpage and see how many people enjoy responding to them (hate mail or not).

* Keeping ridiculous recorded messages on my answering machine just to play it back to my friends and to laugh about it.

* The way my bed is raised only six inches from the ground.

* The way friends will come out and honestly disagree with you because they respect you that much.

* Fuzzy stickers, even if they do look girly.

* The way guys will try to help each other while tossing away any signs of sensitivity just so they keep the record straight that they're not pansies. I don't agree with the lack of sensitivity but I appreciate realizing how ridiculous the situation progresses by the second.

* Clip on ties.

* Watching the underdog of a sports event win. It doesn't matter what sport or what team or individual, I just want to watch a loser win.

* When stupid people say some of the most insightful things. However, this rarely ever happens.

* Babies who drink beer.

* I was just joking. I may be anti-conservative and a bit radical, but I'm not inhumane.

* Loners. Not loners who can't get friends, but loners who'd rather do their own thing than hang onto the coat tails of popular people.

* People who keep their natural hair color.

* The way you feel you're swimming in ashy water even though it's just a really good steam room.

* Greasy spoon restaurants. Helpin' heaps of good ol' fashioned food dipped in lard for $2.99 and service with a smile. It may not be the prettiest smile, but hey, it's still a smile.

* The way I finish vaccuming the carpet and the strips of blending carpet leaves me with self satisfaction until everybody treads all over it without realizing the inherent beauty of my housework.

* Realists. Pessimists are too morbid, optimists are just disturbing.

* People who admit to liking country music. Hell, I like people who admit anything.

It's breaking my heart...

* The way I look at a girl and have this sudden urge to tell her that she should just drop her loser boyfriend (the one who doesn't even remember her phone number) simply because she's the most beautiful, wildly attractive goddess who's ever graced the face of this lousy earth and should be embraced by me because I actually respect her in the manner of which all romance novels were built upon.

* I know what you're thinking, "Isn't that supposed to be something you hate?" No. Because after those many weeks of torture, reality smacks me across the face reminding me that all good chicks are attracted to sub-human neanderthal men. And usually sub-human neanderthal men are so utterly stupid and abusive and the only thing going for them is that they're so unbelievably attractive.

* On second thought, you're right. That sucks.

* Bitching.

Good Times. These definately consitute as Good Times.