Sit Down. Shut Up.

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Ha Ha Whoo Hoo!

Go ahead and laugh at my life.

I apologize for not writing about chicks for an extremely long time. This is how it works. If I have a bad day, I examine and can see all of this crap that's going on just because my emotions and frustration ramble on without me having to do any thinking. And now, I basically don't give a crap what's going on.

I'm fed up.

So an acquaintance that goes to my school found out about my site (in fact, I was the one who showed it to her and the library supervisor). And she hasn't mentioned anything about it to me. Hey, I expected that... what would you say to a person who you think is deleriously fucked up? Nothing. If I was normal, hell, I'd keep my distance too!

But the strange thing is that now, everytime I see her, I want to laugh. Ok, you think I'm crazy, but I literally want to burst out laughing. Not to laugh at her, or what she read or any of that... I'm laughing at the situation. I'm laughing at the fact that she has probably seen my site and got scared shitless. I'm laughing at the fact that considering she's one of the most sought after bachelor-ess (?), she doesn't have to worry about any of this crap and can't understand one tiny piece of it. Hell, to get to the point, I'm laughing at myself.

This isn't going to be a funny rant. This isn't going to be a ha-ha, let's laugh at everybody and bitch and moan rant. No funny pictures, no snide remarks of cynicism. I'm going to be totally dead serious for my following soap box speech:

I don't give a fuck anymore. That's my motto. No girl is thinking about me or acknowledging me. That's it. I'm not going to worry about chicks. I'm not even going to be pleasant with them. I'm not going to care about getting dates, spending time with them, smiling at them, flirting with them, hinting at them, pleasing them or all of that other shitload of crap that guys put up with so they can become the "nice guy" myth. Because let's face it, it sucks big gigantic balls to be a nice guy. We get eaten up by the swarms of assholes that chicks love. The larger her bra size or her perfection, the more I'll ignore her. Because ladies and gentlemen, I SuperGrover, don't give a fuck anymore.

Guys that are in the same situation- and I've talked to a dozen of you- I plead you to not give a fuck. Drop your chick friends. Act like an asshole. Disrespect everyone. Act tough although you're a fucking pussy inside. Dress as Abercrombie and Fitchy as you're sanity can handle. Listen and do every fucking thing MTV tells you to do. Have no personality. BE THE OPPOSITE OF EVERYTHING GIRLS PRETEND TO WANT IN A GUY. Because honestly, chicks won't now or ever give two shits about you until you start thinking through you dick. Yes, I know, it sucks, but tell that to the fucking chicks who aren't listening.

So yes, I love to bitch online. Why? Because I can converse with people who can understand and are currently searching online for the same advice.

The end.

(Crappy ending huh? No smooth transitions or endings. Honestly, I've wasted enough years of my life accomodating people's happiness.)

Excuse me. I have to wallow amidst my own crepulence for the rest of my sad life.