Sit Down. Shut Up.

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Men are stupid.

Even more so for admitting to it.

As you can tell I have no secure foothold on probability statistics or human genetics. All I have is my observation.

I observe that guys are plain stupid.

Well, at least stupid to the point where we'll do anything short of selling our best friend on the black market for a girl (well, maybe even that too). How retarded is that?

Now for all of you girls out there, the guys will at least agree with me on this one. Girls have it made. A girl can sit behind the counter of a hamburger joint and dozens of men will come running from the four corners of the earth just to make an order from her. It's really pathetic when you observe it. Yet, you take an ordinary guy, dress him up as Ronald McDonald , make him do magic tricks and dispense coupons for complete free meals, and he'll never ever make as many sales as the chick behind the counter. And why? Because males cannot overcome the power of the woman.

Ronald's such a pimp.

A hot woman can go up to any guy and ask him to borrow a dollar (as we know borrowing means that she'll take our money and you never get to see her again). So what's the big deal? The big deal is that guys will basically obey a girl's command... as if giving her a dollar will give us that little edge on the game to score with her. Forget it. It's useless. (This is further proven in the rant "The Case")

There's a kid in my class who's a complete case of I-won't-share-my-work-with-you type of person. This guy is seriously too tight to share anything with anyone except his mother. Yet, by coincidence, one of the hottest girls at our school sits in English class next to him. It's pathetic. She basically has him on a leash... he'll tutor her for free, let her cheat off of major exams, give her money and laugh at her lame jokes. And not only does everyone know that he's being completely used but this girl is completely using every old trick in the book to lead him on. He falls for it because he's male and he wants to check out some leg.

There's equality for you. All of the pretty girls are always treated so kindly. They're given enough flowers to open their own nursery. Every guy out there pampers them just because she has a pretty face. Fuck it. You know she'll end up treating every one of you guys like trash... and do you know why? Because she's sexy and she can get away with it. That's why. She's been blessed with great genetics that can cause wars among us.

I'm complaining even though I guess it is a fair fight. I mean girls just simply manipulate our stupidity, right?

And we can't help but love it.